Thursday, June 12, 2008

New York Magazine on High Functioning Autism

Though few in the downtown support group have adult children, and among our children only some appear to have a likely future where getting eligible for supportive services will be a problem, the news media has caught on to an angle that uses autism as a lens to talk about what is normal and what is a disabling condition.

Now that I work in the field of developmental disabilities services, I see adults on locations of the spectrum that I had previously thought of only as imaginary, unoccupied spaces.

In many respects I admire the people in this article for their thoughtfulness, but overall I worry that the message I need to be out there strongly, that people with autism can live in the community successfully with adequate and appropriate supports will get diluted with this more abstract discussion. And this is important, because I need that message not merely to validate my goals for my kids, but because reaching those goals is going to require substantial pubic support for significant public expenditures.

Anywhow, here's what New York Magazine has to say about them.

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