Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Child School/Legacy High School

The Child School/Legacy High School has changed dramatically during the last 4 years!

Our new website,, provides a tremendous amount of material explaining our philosophy. We focus on awakening children to the fact that learning is a wondrous, enjoyable activity, and that the unfamiliar presents an exciting frontier. We see disabilities not as a limitation but as a challenge capable of being overcome. Using Dr. Mel Levine, each teacher discovers the way each child learns and accommodates that child's learning style in a nurturing environment.

Just a few new changes we're excited about:

--Classes that support socialization and creativity through innovative, intracurricular programming such as Robotics, Dreamweaver, Pre-Architecture Modeling, Radio Broadcasting, Bridge Building, Cooking and Organic Gardening.

--Being one of the few Special Needs schools to integrate Dr. Marvin Marshall's research into our counseling.

--Ongoing development of an environmentally friendly curriculum to supplement classes in Science and Technology.

Parents are excited, too. According to our recent Parent Survey, 76.1% of respondents are Satisfied/Extremely Satisfied with the education their child is receiving.
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Save the Date
We will be hosting our 6th Annual Open House for Professionals on April 2nd at 9:00am. We also have multiple tours for Parents scheduled every year from December through May. Please contact us if you have a referral.

At The Child School/Legacy High School, the development of appropriate learning behaviors, improved comprehension and socialization is a goal in every lesson, grades K-12. Our aim is to further develop critical thinking skills, allowing students to navigate obstacles and feel secure in the understanding that help is available. The ultimate educational goal for every student is to become an independent, active, contributing member of society, to a level commensurate with their potential. Make sure to visit for a glimpse into daily life and the breadth of educational opportunities offered.

We look forward to strengthening our relationship with you in the future. We are eager for you to learn more about us so we hope you'll be in touch.


Leanne Bloom
Development Dept.

Sheila Steiner
Admissions Dept.

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