Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Guide to NYC Schools from Teachers College Press

Released in April, this guide has gotten mixed reviews from our support group members. The listing of 33 schools is descriptive of each, but most are not right for our ASD kids and it is far from comprehensive. It does have listings beyond schools, though, and can be very useful for finding other professionals, like Neuropsychs and related service providers.

What it tells about the process for getting into schools is accurate, as far as it goes, but incomplete like the schools included and suffers a little from not having a point of view -- the process in NYC has plenty wrong with it from the perspective of transparency, and everything wrong from the perspective of equity.

If you do want a copy of your own, buy from Amazon through the link above and the support group will see a little revenue.

If your search needs to be comprehensive, better to look at the Resources for Children with Special Needs Directory, now available online at The database also has more detail on each entry, but only if you access it from a public library branch or another organization that subscribes to the database.

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